Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Spring Beginnings and Some News 

You probably can't tell but I'm blogging this from a new computer! At last we have a flat screen and Windows XP and a keyboard that isn't slow and gungy. Even better, the computer is at our home and it's all ours (if not mine).

A day after Spring/Autumn Equinox Mum, Shannon and I ate lunch at the Equinox restaurant at the Busselton beachfront to celebrate Shan's birthday. Andrew's home, Erin's in Tasmania!

Today I met a friend from Singapore and her new husband in Margaret River for lunch and some of Simmo's ice cream. Waiting out on the street I noticed quite a few people stopping to wave and say g'day to friends across the street and in nearby shops. I could see down the hill and across to the forest and I lost count of the number of trucks with trailers that hauled through town. Really glad to see my friend and meet her husband!

Two more weeks before I travel to Adelaide for the Retina Australia Congress. I'm looking forward to catching up with friends in Adelaide, Portland and Melbourne. I'll only be away for two weeks and in that time I'm hoping to catch a bus on the O-bahn, buy some new jeans, visit Northbridge (alas, to go to the tax office of all places), give a sample of my blood to the RP Family Testing Program (if I remember to call first), catch up with friends in Perth and finally (finally!) have my braces removed. I'd have liked them 'debanded' before my holiday but I'll have to wait.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Something French In Farewell 

If I could add one thing, it would be this - don't ever turn down pleasure because you were afraid of what other people might say.
Belle de Jour, mercredi 15 septembre

Belle's parting words! I'm so disappointed. But at least I'll have more time to write my own blog. At least until her book (Belle De Jour: Intimate Adventures of a London Call Girl) comes out.

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Thursday, September 02, 2004

E. Coli and a Little Conversation 

'A Mating Game in the Worm: Mate-Searching in C Elegans - a genetic model for sex drive in a simple invertebrate' shows that:

Sexually mature males when left alone on a food source (a nice plate of E. coli if you're interested) wandered off, presumably in search of a mate.

When a potential mate was present on the food source, though, they remained.

'Mate seeking behaviors at the most basic level' (Society for Neuroscience media release at Medical News Today, 26 August 2004)

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