Thursday, February 27, 2003

Best happening today receiving a copy of a radio show a friend hosts on Canberra's community radio station 2XXFM - 98.3. Along with all the cool music and my friend's lovely and soothing radio voice, was some music/comedy by his former housemate's band, cosmic egg.

Also went to lawn bowls tonight to get some pics for the Warren Blackwood Post and Rail, a small local paper I write for. My Dad and, it seems, half the residents of Augusta, Western Australia, are in a corporate bowls team. Cheap beer, hot dogs and a sausage sizzle is on offer too. Took a few shots, had a hot dog and a cup of tea, chatted to Mum and others and came home before it rained.

Fixed up the background of the blog to match the rest of my Web site too. Took forever cos I have to disconnect the computer whenever a customer here at Doonbanks wants to pay electronically. But you get that...

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