Friday, February 28, 2003

Blogging has so far involved staying up later than intended and, for some reason, reading more of other people's opinions on the Web.

Tonight I read an article at Salon about the percentage of pregnancy-associated deaths that result from murder (Murder Most Foul). I had to click on an advertisement to read the full story, which I was glad to be able to do because I don't have a membership and because the ad was for HBO - I figured I might get lucky with a promo for Six Feet Under. And I did... lovely shot of the cast amongst roses (I think... the ad didn't last too long and I am a bit blind after all).

Then a part of my brain kicked in to remind me of and possibly prepare me for the death scene that begins all episodes of Six Feet Under. A weird collision moment - where the intriguing and factual feature article I was about to read became superimposed as a potential basis for another episode of my favourite TV show. Sometimes I don't like finding life darkly humourous or ironic.

Nevertheless, I read the article, read some more and clicked on another ad for Six Feet Under. One of the few times I've supported a site by visiting an advertiser and actually wanting to know more about the product. I completed the Six Feet Under (really long) trivia test. Didn't do too badly... only I seemed to be able to remember inconsequential moments and details and then not recall scenes that you might think would be memorable for the impact on the characters or for their sheer shock value. I suspect I miss a lot of the visual developments in the episode - or maybe I tune the more full on moments out.

If it's because I'm missing visual content, then I hope that more audio-described television (that is, television programs that are available with a spoken description of visual elements for people like myself who are blind or vision impaired) will be aired.

So, what did I do today? Worked at Doonbanks, listened to music and started to update my Web site, sifted through heaps of old RPList digests that I had left to a day when I had time and saved some of the more useful information, and started to update my Web site. Oh, and of course, went to my regular IRC chat!

Ohhh, and ate the most delicious piece of rhubarb pie!

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