Wednesday, February 26, 2003


Dee's Wonky Window is the name of my Web site, which can be found at I've decided to write more regularly to move more of my thoughts out there rather than hiding behind a collection of links.

I settled on 'inattentive' for my blog name after entering words like 'tangential', 'purple', 'splash' and 'vexatious' only to discover that some of the million members of Bloggers have already chosen them. And a lot of those people... who I guess have a moment in common with me... haven't blogged in ages, if ever beyond their first attempt. Why I'm going ahead with this after midnight when my eyes are aching to close... eeaaaaggghhh.

Maybe I'll write about all the weird stuff that happens as a result of me having Retinitis Pigmentosa... like being stranded in Freo, waiting for a taxi and getting a hug from a parting punter I've shared the waiting with at the taxi stand. If I could see I'd probably arrive at the party in a funky small car, or maybe a clunky old car with personality. But not this particular party... cos I wouldn't know the hosts because I only know them because we all have impaired vision.

And I guess I should share any interesting sites I've visited seeing as how this is a Weblog... today I visited

Films involving disabilities: .

A huge collection that offers reviews of films featuring characters with disabilities.

Anyway, better cruise off and hopefully remember I started a Weblog in the morning.

Too roo,


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