Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Ate my lunch in the backyard today so that I could soak up the sun. My sleep pattern is out of control again and I thought some sunshine might help. I was wondering why I didn't eat out there more often when the goat poked her head through the fence. I smiled but didn't offer her any food. Then the dog wandered up. I gave her some grated cheese from my sandwich and then a bit more grated cheese. Then I gave her some ham. And then the last piece of sandwich. I hope we all sleep well tonight.

The Brown Couch now has a blog - rave on, Col'!

I'm trying to finish reading Kate Grenville's Writing Book before my next writer's group meeting - by when I should really return it to the person who kindly lent it to me. I started doing the given exercises but became a bit sidetracked. Now I'm wanting to read all the short stories and novels from which the examples have been excerpted. I'm not so excited that I'm likely to rush out and buy the book (although the woman who lent it to me said it would be the only thing she'd take in a fire apart from her dog) but I'm finding it helpful if only in giving me a few clues. I kind of like finding clues and inspiration bit by bit.

St Patrick's Day yesterday (the seventeenth, which is the day given below as just more of the eighteenth because I wrote about it after midnight - damn limitations of the 24 hour day and my stuffed up circadian rhythm). Anyway, I wore my green ribbon on my jeans and when it became cold today pulled them on with ribbon still attached. I think I could stand to wear a few more ribbons but I'm not sure I'd look too much like the stylish 30 something I might have once hoped to become. Actually, I've never imagined being this old, which might explain a whole lot.

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