Sunday, March 30, 2003

Daylight Saving ended last night in those Australian states that save daylight! I've changed the Australian RP chat times accordingly and found a site all about daylight saving, called About Daylight Saving Time - History, rationale, laws & dates.

Went to Dunsborough yesterday (about 90kms north of here, on Geographe Bay) where Mum had an appointment with her eye specialist. Overcast, not much parking and so many roundabouts that we found ourselves driving to Margaret River for lunch, where I bought Placebo's Sleeping With Ghosts CD after hearing English Summer Rain on the radio.

Mum and I walked in the Lions Walk for Sight this morning. Rain and rainclouds made the walk all the more enjoyable - no sun or glare and the bush smelt fresh. At Flinders Bay a shower caught us out but Mum had a good laugh at my umbrella, which Campbell (my nephew) broke only a few days ago.

I think I have a cold... I've been sneezing a lot! Perhaps I shouldn't have been throwing Ripper a tennis ball in my shorts and t-shirt and a light drizzle today. And the Dockers lost to the Adelaide Crows by 56 points! And I have a dentist's appointment tomorrow...

No, I'm not whinging... I have a dog to throw a ball to, a football team to follow and a dentist to look after my teeth. Life is really pretty good. :-)

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