Thursday, March 06, 2003

Due to a glitch last night... tonight's entry is for Thursday 6 March and the previous entry, although published on 6 March, was for Wednesday, 5 March.

Spoke to two of the artists who exhibited at Hot and Flowing, the exhibition we checked out in Witchcliffe on the weekend, for the paper. Also called the bowling club for a little more information about their corporate bowls competition. I have a picture of teams playing last week and asked the person most prominent in the photo for his full name and team name... he's not sure of the team name but they're definitely from the local bakery (told you I could find my way there!) and they're either the Cream Puffs or the Doughnuts!

Attended a community meeting tonight about future town centre planning. Not too many people interested in what happens if the numbers are an indication, although two other organisations held meetings at the same time, which in a small town can bring numbers down. The meeting was informal and well-run - no one waffled on and we first met in smaller groups to work out what we felt important. As well as attending to offer my input (I looked to be the youngest participant and I'm 31), I will write about some of the outcomes and concerns in the paper.

The meeting meant that I missed my usual chat session but I probably need a break.

Visited BBCi's Ouch! just now... lots of opinion pieces and news for people with disabilities - including a piece about eye check ups, 'The Visually Impaired Girl and the Hospital'. Seems I'm not the only person who finds that people who should know better are capable of ignoring the information they have about a person's sight when faced with the person who 'doesn't look blind'. Guess it goes to show how much most people rely on their sight to understand (or misunderstand) the world around them. Lol, and now I've gone off on my own rant.

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