Thursday, March 06, 2003

Erin should be home in Geraldton now - Mum drove her to Perth and so was away most of the day.

The group planning the program for the Flinders Finale met today at the Cosy Corner Cafe.

After reading Dorothy Porter's verse novel 'Wild Surmise' a few weeks ago I found myself looking for Dante's 'Divina Commedia' on line. In my high school Italian class I learnt that Dante Alighieri was a famous Italian poet after whom an examination was named. My teacher wasn't too impressed that some of us hadn't heard of him but I don't remember learning anything more. Dante Alighieri on the Web and Digital Dante are useful sites to visit if you want to read Dante's work. Actually, mostly Dante on the Web will give you all the information and links you might need but who can resist a site called 'Digital Dante'?

Also read about new technology that will make electronic travel aids more useful to people who are blind or vision impaired. An article was posted to RPList that had me reading 'Space technology to help the blind', a European Space Agency article. Strange to think that instead of using a cane to find a fire hydrant or a wall, you could have your electronic travel aid tell you that it's nearby - that you could wander into the local bakery and have your whereabouts confirmed by a signal from space! But will the space signal tell me if all the vegetarian pasties have sold and there's only a bacon and cheese sausage roll left in the warmer? Okay, so I can find my local bakery... but I can see situations, in unfamiliar places, when having a way of knowing where I am without needing to see a street directory or signs would be really handy. I do wonder if technology like this could make you feel less in touch. Having less vision already makes me feel less connected to the world and having the experience of being in my immediate surroundings communicated to me via satellite could make a walk in the city a little less than real. Lol, and how will the aid know where other people are? Testing began in Spain last month and I hope the aids prove useful.

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