Tuesday, March 04, 2003

The Flinders Finale 2003 committee met today to plan for our May celebrations of Matthew Flinders' second visit to the oceans off Cape Leeuwin. We have now confirmed that two botanical artists will be attending, one of which will talk about the work of Ferdinand Bauer (article from Australian Plants online). The local art club will also open there rooms on the day (located at our venue, a local hall) for demonstrations and sale of work, so it's all coming together.

Finished one of the articles for the Post and Rail... a short piece about our local Clean Up Australia Day efforts and worked at Doonbanks. Still a lot of people staying in Augusta.

Watched All Saints tonight... Mitch has a brain tumour and Charlotte put her dog down after it bit a child - all so sad! lol I can see there are going to be a few teary episodes to go yet.

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