Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Messed around trying to get a letter to fit a letterhead today - I can never remember which way to place the piece of paper with the letterhead into the printer. That's not all I did though.

I'm trying to learn a little more about celestial navigation. Not for me - I think I'm lucky to have maybe seen the Southern Cross out of the corner of my eye the other night and was able to navigate my way into the house by way of the light on our front porch. More for the interest of people who want to know a little more about how explorers such as Matthew Flinders followed their progress at sea. One enthusiastic navigator designed a CD Sextant - a DIY sextant to be constructed using a CD, CD case, mirrors, glue and a few lego bricks. Wow. The CD Sextant was found via a cool site devoted to Celestial Navigation. The webmistress devotes a page to Dante. I was reading a little more of the Divine Comedy yesterday, so it was strange to be looking for Flinders-related stuff tonight and come across this reference. I like the celestial navigation site because it celebrates both art and science.

Guiding Lights - navigation tools was designed by a West Australian primary school group in 1998. The site won an award and looks to be full of information about navigation. Coming to the site several years later, the opening line of the navigational tools page surprised me:

"Navigation is the science of working out the position of a ship, aircraft, or guided missile, and charting a course for guiding the craft safely from one point to another."

The site aims to explore ways of avoiding shipwrecks and the subsequent loss of life, cargo and boats.

One chat friend has a cold and after a fun chat with the other good friend from chat I was dumped big time. Somewhere in there we discussed vitamins and I looked for the research news that prompted Mum to buy a B12 supplement. Research Ties Vitamin B12 And Folate Deficiencies With Alzheimer's Disease from Science Daily appears to have all the info. I'm forgetful enough now! :-)

Andrew arrived in Geraldton and was making his way to the wharf when a car tooted him - Erin! How did she find him so soon? My Tassie sister and family are on holiday for a few days in St Helens. I hope they're having fun!

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