Sunday, March 02, 2003

My youngest sister Erin and the elder of my two younger brothers, Andrew are home for the long weekend (Labour Day in Western Australia). Doonbanks is full - I'm not sure that we even have room for another tenter. Quite windy... hope it drops off soon...

Read an article at the Age Online about a new scanning technique developed in Australia that can map the surface of the brain ('Australian technique used to map the brain'). The part of the brain dealing with visual perception was mapped in six Australian subjects. The hope that the technique will give clues as to why some people are more creative or are good with, ummm, words or whatever. Can you really tell a brain from it's surface? The research will be published next week in the US journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The Age article on the brain mapping technique disappeared into the archives... (I found it again via Google)... and hoping to find a similar report at ABC Online I did find a report on how 'Acting chirpy makes you happy...'. Not quite what I was looking for but I discovered that researchers from North Carolina believe that by acting extroverted, adventurous or assertive, you can feel more happy. So if you look for happiness from within, rather than waiting for happiness to come to you, you'll be feeling a lot better. So, tomorrow, I shall be more extroverted... probably not so adventurous (okay, I'll give it a go) and make an attempt to be assertive. How's that? I'll let you know if I feel a bit happier! I wonder what my brain looks like when it's happy? :-)

Better go.. it's already tomorrow.

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