Saturday, March 01, 2003

Not much work happening today... and not much access to the computer until this evening. Soooo... in the interests of researching children's books for the day when I might write one, I read Judy Blume's Double Fudge.

Superfudge was a favourite when I was Peter Hatcher's age, which makes me kinda wonder how it is that Peter is now only twelve and imagines he might be a Web designer when he grows up. Surely he must be a thirtysomething who only ever dreamt that there might be the Web at 12? Or something. Could it be that you aren't expected to learn of his adventures once you've moved onto high school? Well, yeah, probably.

I definitely lost interest in Trixie Belden once I ran out of new books after Christmas of '83... and as a result I may never read the final - let's see - five books? Oh wow, just reading that Random House own the rights and will be re-publishing the first four books in June of this year! Lol, so I'm still a little enthused about my favourite youthful sleuth. Anyway, Trixie first came about in 1948 and she solved her last mystery in 1986, all still while at high school. Nearly choked when I discovered how old the series was... I wonder if Trixie is having as much trouble with computers as she did with algebra?

More importantly, will hot-tempered Jim Frayne and the dark, leather-jacket-wearing Dan Mangan compare favourably with Joe Morelli and Ranger of the Stephanie Plum series? Okay, so some girls don't grow up... they move from stories about teenage detectives with uncontrollable hair and the knack for bumping into baddies to stories of thirty year old bounty hunters with uncontrollable hair and, yep, more baddies. I wonder if Janet Evanovich read Trixie Belden novels as a kid?

I might have to compare and contrast the series later... :-)

Reading Double Fudge reminded me of an article by Judy Blume (an intro to a book called Places I Never Meant to Be) on censorship. What can I say? I'm grateful that I was able to read her books...



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