Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Really zonked today - couldn't seem to work out where I was on the booking sheets. As a result, I am finally writing my Weblog a little earlier in the day (which pretty much means I'm not writing it early tomorrow morning!) so that I'll be unzonked by tomorrow.

My sister and nephew came around today and Campbell went straight for the vacuum cleaner. I moved it to the carpet, plugged it in and away he went! Later he hit a tennis ball around with a walking stick that someone left here. Very happy and enthusiastic about it all, as if ball games are it.

Popped into the bank today - lined up for ages and then was told I could have used a 'fast deposit' envelope and avoided the queue. Never mind, I preferred to see the cheque securely deposited into my account. Called into a local cafe and had a delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows and shared a piece of apple pie with Mum too.

Dad and the builders are working on the renovations to Mum and Dad's house. The side verandah is now gone, as is the concrete floor of the front verandah. Lots of discoveries as they work - some frightening, some that will make the job easier.

Someone (no name given!) wrote to me today about Braille double 12 dominoes. I've only ever seen double 6 dominoes but now I know you can have double 9, double 12 and double 15. I still don't know where to find double twelve sets in Braille - if you happen to read my as yet unpromoted blog and you know where a girl (or guy) could find such a thing, please let me know! I do know that double 9 sets in Braille and jumbo double 12 sets are available... If only I played dominoes.

The Age's Odd Spot featured news that a British psychologist is warning that crashes in Thomas the Tank Engine could cause child viewers to be scared of train travel. One article about the issue is 'Thomas the Tank Engine's crashes could scare kids off trains' (from Ananova.com March 11). I'm a big public transport fan so I hope kids aren't discouraged from catching trains. I suspect most fans will have noticed that not too many trains are powered by steam anymore, or talk to each other - and so might (reluctantly perhaps) accept that they also don't have adventures or crash a lot. My only concern is that kids might want to become steam engines when they grow up. Or fat controllers!

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