Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Ripper likes to catch sticks and tennis balls, so I've been throwing sticks and balls a lot lately. Great sport for someone who can't see - I just throw the ball anywhere I feel like and Ripper brings it back. Sometimes he chooses really small twigs though, and then even when he leaves them at my feet I'm not sure where they are. But yeah, good fun! Rosie, Ripper and I wandered down to the jetty and threw the tennis ball around down there. Rosie just looked on, as did a pelican floating just off the shore. Other pelicans sat on nearby rocks but this one was a bit closer, observing us from the water.

I mentioned recently that a guest spelled out her name to me as 'A N G S T'. Yesterday I had someone spell out their name as 'C O P E'. What's going on? A bit too Angel Baby for me... I'm worried I'll start to look for hidden messages in the surnames of our visitors! Maybe just the ones that are spelt out... and I may have to learn a little German to make much sense of most of them. :-)

I'm concerned that I'm using too much net time, so I didn't log on at all today until just now. Kind of strange to hear Heath Ledger on Andrew Denton's 'Enough Rope' telling the audience that he uses Google to search for lasagne recipes on the Internet. I'm not sure why but suddenly he seemed extra real - I think the studio audience thought so too. Also commented on how it feels to be an Australian when our country is now at war. I haven't mentioned the war at all in my blog but I do hope for peace soon.

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