Monday, March 03, 2003

Tried to be extroverted, adventurous or assertive today... bit difficult in the morning... lol...

Mum, Erin and I drove to Witchcliffe to see an exhibition of slumped glass and textiles at the community hall. My photos are okay - I think the pieces on display made my job much easier! We also took a look in a supporting gallery across the road before having a cup of tea and a friand with tangy berries on top at the Witchy corner store. We weren't sure what to expect but we were all glad we went along. Witchcliffe is a very small town on the main highway, just south of Margaret River, but there was plenty to see today.

On the way home we took photos of rubbish left after the Clean Up Australia Day effort at Kudardup, which included a dinghy with a hole in the bottom. We spotted a local woman collecting rubbish outside her farm on the highway and stopped to take her photo too.

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