Monday, March 24, 2003

Yikes, after feeling good about downgrading my home ISP account while I live at Doonbanks, I received a message from them today to say that I've run out of hours for the month! Two chat sessions and a week worth of blogs too short! What am I going to do?

Serves me right for spending so much time at FamilySearch looking up names from the family tree researched by my Auntie Pete.

Otherwise, all is pretty much well. Ripper is fitting in but I think Rosie would like a little more attention when I'm throwing sticks to Ripper. Mum and Dad went to Bunbury to buy furniture for the new chalets. I met with the Flinders Finale group at Cosy Corner Cafe this morning and everything is pretty much on track for May 11. I should update our Web site but maybe that'll have to wait or not... Probably I'll pay for more time. And Nicole Kidman won Best Actress at the Academy Awards!

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