Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Ack, where does my time go?

My sleep is, as always, out of whack. Today Tonight (now yesterday but still tonight) featured research news from Flinders University in South Australia that has found blue LED glasses to successfully re-adjust people's circadian rhythm. That'd be lovely - except that blue light is thought to be damaging to the retinas of people with RP (for example, read about the work of Professor Dr Charlotte Remé, Laboratory of Retinal Cell Biology Eye Clinic, University Hospital Zurich).

Some people who have RP wear red/orange tinted glasses to cut out blue light and reduce glare. I prefer regular sunglasses because they cut out most of the annoying light (not always but mostly) and I like to see natural colours My sunnies now help me to see colours because they prevent my surroundings from being blanched in the sunlight.

There's an article about the blue LED glasses 'Insomnia sufferers begin to see the light' (Flinders Journal: August 19 - September 1, 2002) but mostly the article outlines a treatment involving being woken up all night. Aack, and I thought giving up coffee was a challenge. The reseacher's name is Professor Leon Lack... for lack of sleep or lack of wakefulness or both? Glad to hear that there is perhaps an answer for others out their with weird sleep patterns.

Updated the Flinders Finale 2003 site tonight - we've decided to ask Doopa Dog, Golden West Network's children's character along. Also added a free Site Meter. The site wouldn't receive enough visitors to warrant a paid statistics service but I hope this one gives us accurate results. Although, when adjusted the time zone information at Site Meter I noticed that it gave West Australian time as UTC +7. World Time Servers confirmed that WST is UTC/GMT +8. So will I bother to write to them and let them know the time is out? Will that be a bit of a pain in the bum for them to fix or might they want to know? Maybe I'll sleep on it.

Finished Lambs of God by Marelle Day and I'm now reading The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen. I have a new bookmark too - in fact, a small bundle of bookmarks - from the Association for the Blind WA via a local man who is also losing his sight. The bookmarks have the alphabet in Braille on them, so I guess I can learn to read in Braille while I'm still able to enjoy reading in print.

A few years ago I would have wondered endlessly about the irony. How do I feel about this - isn't it a bit weird? Yes. What does it mean? Nothing. La la la. But now I find myself thinking oh yeah, cool... maybe I'll give some of these to people at writers' group... maybe Gill would like one too?

Maybe I'll be a well-adjusted adult for at least some of the time after all.

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