Thursday, April 17, 2003

All amped about blogging tonight until I read a site that lists defunct weblogs (the name of the site contains a word I don't use here but it sounds a little like and kinda means 'defunct'). The reasons given by bloggers not to blog are all reasons why I thought blogging might not be a good idea. But it is kinda fun for now...

Watched a segment on Getaway tonight - David Reyne cruised Sunset Boulevard and the place looked, well, cruisy. Only a few weeks ago I dreamt I was in California but I wasn't there to sightsee and I was so desperate to take a look around.

I checked out the City of Los Angeles site looking for information or a webcam. All I found to amuse me was the moving image top of screen that's, well... kinda Hollywood meets Grassroots.

Read in Matthew Flinders' Journal on the Investigator [1803 May [Friday] - 13th. Investigator from Timor] [Saturday] -14th. off C. Leuwen and towards Port Jackson that on the day he sighted Cape Leeuwin for the second time he also saw a whale and "Many pintados and albatrosses about." I know not much about birds but read a little more on Birds of the Southern Ocean.

Also read a draft letter to Mr Hugh Bell - surgeon of H.M. sloop Investigator - from Matthew Flinders today. Amusing that two people might choose to write snippy letters to one another when sailing off the southern coast of Australia before European settlement of the nearest land. Not so strange now that I've read about a burial at sea and subsequent selling off of a man's effects that occurred while this series of letters was written (from 27 May 1803). Tetchiness now understandable.

Rain early this evening, still air and an almost full moon made for a good walk. Mum and I saw whiting swimming in the shallows off the jetty here at Doonbanks and the jetty was almost musical as we walked to the end - must have been the timbre...

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