Sunday, April 27, 2003

Anzac Day Friday. Rang a friend in Adelaide to wish her happy birthday and chatted to Gill Friday night till the power went out and therefore the phone went dead. Searched around for matches and opened my Christmas present of a rose-scented candle... my bedside lamp's broken so maybe using the candle is the solution to my night time reading hassles. Or I could just hop out of bed and turn the main light off. Or not read in bed..

Hopefully our Flinders Finale event will soon be listed at My South West and South West Life after I filled out their on line forms (only interrupted once by the dog, once by Mum and snack food and once by someone paying by EFTPOS and needing me to disconnect).

Read in The West today that Leonie Stevens has written a novel for young adults called The Marowack Two. I enjoyed Stevens' novel Big Man's Barbie and so found an article at The Age Online ('Take Two' 23/02/03) about the author and the book. The article listed some of her influences, including the Regency romance writer, Georgette Heyer.

Heyer wrote earlier last century but her novels were set in the early 19th century (when Jane Austen and Matthew Flinders were doing there thing - not together, mind you - and dying early). The Heyer site referenced a listserv community's compilation of cant and slang used in her writing. One word that jumped out was 'Lawks.' I remember it from the line 'Lawks a lordy my bottom's on fire' from The Young Ones. I thought that maybe it was said by Rick but checking The Young Ones transcripts I found it was Bambi who said it in the Bambi episode (when the Young Ones appear on University Challenge):

Bambi:...Who said, "Lawks a lordy, my bottom's on fire"?

[Kendal Mintcake buzzes in]

Kendal Mintcake: Lenin!

Bambi: Yes, I can accept that, although the exact answer is Joan of Arc.

Might have spent a bit too long reading the transcripts. Saves me joining a laughter club though. I might stick to unscheduled, sometimes solitary, laughter when it's least appropriate.

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