Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Erin and Rod arrived home in Geraldton today. Town is still busy but my day was pretty slow.

For a long time I've been planning to organise a Web site for people who don't drive - the Non-Drivers' Transit Lounge - but despite lots of mucking about I've never quite gathered all the information and designed the pages and uploaded them, although there are bits and pieces about. Today I started mucking about with the idea again and created graphical headers for the site (a timewasting move unless I'm ready to have it happening soon, I know). Checked out but as always the styles didn't quite suit my needs. Then I found that there is a Free Text Graphics Creator, that uses Xara Online's Xara3D5 to create header graphics.

Searching for info about non-drivers, I discovered a blog about catching pt and related stuff called, The Bus Stop: Kansas City transit + other tangents. That lead me to the same blogger's hiptop nonbusstop - cool photos and newsy entries mostly written while at bus stops or in transit.

Also visited The Navigators site that gives background information about the Flinders and Baudin expeditions featured in the TV series. Learnt that the Xenophon (the original name of Flinders' boat Investigator) was named after a wandering Greek hero who was a writer, soldier, and student of Socrates. Also found myself at the South Australian Museum site reading about the Wardandi language group in N.B. Tindale's Aboriginal Tribes of Australia (1974). Oooh, the SA Museum are screening Leunig's animations - I've missed most of these because we're not at our usual address and we can't watch SBS. Not that I'm going to be in South Australia anytime soon!

Oh, and Gill sent me some info about Conserving Our Tuarts. Tuart trees are only found in the coastal strip from Jurien Bay down to Busselton on the southern west coast of Western Australia. Every day I travelled through the Ludlow tuart forest (or woodland as Conservation and Land Managment call it) on my way to high school.

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