Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Erin, Mum and I drove into my old hometown of Busselton (about 90k north of here). We did a bit of shopping and I finally found some shorts to wear as bathers along with a cheapie singlette.

Busselton is always changing and today I noticed that the building I know of as 'the convent' - where the Sisters of St Joseph who worked at St Joseph's School when I was at school - now houses the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the site has no reference to Australia but there is an Australian LDS Shop). Turning off Prince St into the new shopping centre reminded me still of visits to the dentist at Busselton Primary School - recently shifted to accommodate growth to the east of Busselton and the buildings demolished to make way for the supermarket and chain stores. St Joe's was re-located in the late eighties, replaced also by a shopping centre. I had lunch today in what remains of the small church where I had science and art lessons.

Visited the Matthew Flinders Collection at the State Library of NSW's site today, looking for the dimensions of HM Sloop Investigator.

Read more Poems by Dylan Thomas.

Looking for another of Marelle Day's Claudia Valentine books at the secondhand bookshop in Margaret River today, I found and bought 'Lambs of God' by the same author. Didn't have much time... love bookshops, which is why I didn't have any bathers until today... so much easier to shop for books!

Caught up with Gill the last few days - she has a new dryer (! - this is exciting, I'd want one if I didn't live here and had kids and worked and it was wintertime!) - and we planned to catch up in a few weekends time. Also read about what's happening 'round the Brown Couch tonight and wished I'd caught up with it all a little sooner. Theories on cricket score formats and mateship and all. Until now I've been satisfied with contemplating the seagulls and the surfaces when watching the cricket. And maybe I still am. :-)

Confused myself the other night thinking about my ancestors... if I have genes from Mum and Dad, and they have genes from Nanna and Grandad and Nanna and Pop respectively, and so on and so on, that means I can only trace back about eight generations (say about 200 years) before we're looking at a generation containing 128 ancestors who contributed to me being me. Anyone in that generation would have contributed 1/128th... which is more than most, I suppose.

While you're pondering that, you might like to know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints offer FamilySearch to people researching their family history.

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