Sunday, April 06, 2003

Megan read my blog! Possibly the first person to read it without looking at the same screen I'm looking at right now... :-)

A friend visited during the week and gave me a copy of 'Conscious Seeing: Transforming your life through your eyes' by Roberto Kaplan. Occasionally I receive suggestions on how I might improve my vision and I am grateful that people want to help. Some suggestions are a little wacky (learning to breath, for example...!) but I never discount an idea outright - I don't know exactly what causes my photoreceptors (the cells that sense light in the retina) to malfunction, so I can't possibly know what might save them. Only today a subscriber to RPList queried the use of hypnotherapy as a treatment. So far, people are receptive - if the treatment can't do any harm and the patient is able and happy to pay the costs (within reason) then no one would tell them not to give it a go. While I do provide information about alternative therapies to people who enquire via e-mail, I don't link to sites promoting therapies or research that are not currently accepted by mainstream medical practitioners or scientists. Scientists do not have all the answers - when it comes to RP, no answers that will prevent or successfully treat the condition - but as a lay person the professional judgment of members of the scientific community are (I hope) the best I have to go on when choosing which sources of information to recommend to people seeking to learn more about RP.

Mum and Dad drove to Collie today to help celebrate my Auntie Wendy (my great aunt!) and Uncle Alan's 50th wedding anniversary. They both enjoyed catching up with the family and meeting younger relatives for the first time. Meanwhile, another aunt, this time on Mum's side of the family called to let us know that my Nanna's eternity ring (which we feared lost) is safe. Just so I know, I checked out Mum's rings tonight - her engagement ring and her eternity ring. I even tried them on and now I understand why people wear them! I don't wear much jewellery and I've never worn a ring, so it was strange to slip them on and see my fingers in a different, diamond encrusted, light. Why don't people marry anymore? If I was in love and committed to someone, I think a ring would be one way to show and remember it.

Called Gill today - Caelan hasn't been well for the last week but was feeling better today. Might talk a bit tomorrow or next weekend... seems it's been ages!

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