Tuesday, April 01, 2003

My teeth don't have holes but I will have to be thrifty to pay for some dental work I've decided to have. Mum and I stopped for a cuppa in Witchcliffe on the way home, where I also found a lightweight birthday present for a friend. I wrote a short piece on the Walk for Sight for our local paper the Pelican Post and may be able to write an article or two for them in the future.

Every once in a while we hear the sound of paws on the lino and a wet thud from Ripper dropping his tennis ball in the hope someone will want to throw it. We went down to the jetty tonight to throw it around but sometimes it's just not good timing! Nearly finished writing about the public transport visual diary I kept as a subject in a PhD student's research. I thought it'd be quick just to jot down a few notes on each pic - forgetting that their are 22 pics... Mum's had her flu injection.

All Saints fans will be teary tonight - Mitch died! They somehow spoil each 'special' episode with ridiculous shorts for the next week's episode. Next week there's scandal at the funeral! lol

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