Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Today we discovered during renovations of the house that not only did our oven burn our meals, but it was burning the chipboard below it too. Erin called with some good news - she'll hopefully be able to fly out by chopper to see Rod on the Abrolhos Islands, where he works on a pearl farm. Boot towed his ute home after it broke down a few days ago at Hamelin Bay - also had a shave and a haircut - looks good! I received a letter from my friend Judith. I remembered lots of great holiday moments from my November/December visit to Melbourne and Tassie while reading my BankWest statement (it cost how much? Oh, but that bit was worth it, oh yeah, had great time there etc). South West Life added our Flinders Finale event to their calendar. The dog was soooo excited to see the big bag of tennis balls Mum and Dad bought him yesterday. We all filled in our ballots for the local council elections (Leeuwin ward). Decided that if I were to meet Detective PJ Hasham that I really wouldn't like him very much (PJ is a character off police soap Blue Heelers - yikes... who'd've guessed so many people'd put sites together about the show?). Who'd have guessed I'd write so much yesterday about the complementary medicine recall?
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