Tuesday, April 08, 2003

While searching for information on night vision equipment possibly developed in Germany, I found myself reading about Nicole Kidman's Oscar win in German at a site called Max. Google translated the site to English for me but the translation was... a bit funny. Actor Josh Hartnett's name was translated as Josh Hardnicely and the opening par of the Oscar story contained the word 'Regisseurin' translated as 'rain eating urine.' I think that Regisseurin actually means director (found that 'Regisseur' means director... so...). Max is incorporated into an MSN site and only now I realise that it is the German equivalent of the Australian mens magazine of the same name. The EroticArt section gave it away... I kinda missed the pics till then. But at least I'm reading news and articles from varying sources, right?

As a result of all this mucking about I found ForeignFilms.com, which is US-based and therefore includes films from Australia, and LEO German/English Dictionary.

Janet from chat mentioned QDB - Quote Data Base, a site that lists amusing quotes from IRC sessions. I sneaked looks at the amusing quotes during our own chat session tonight and funny as most of the excerpts are, everytime I guiltily caught up with our own conversation it was someplace more weird. Probably because we don't talk about our computers as much as other people do. I hate chatting about computers... woohoo, a machine that allows us to talk to people all over the world and what do people talk about? The machine...

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