Friday, April 11, 2003

Yesterday a duck flew into the camper's kitchen and out through a window that wasn't open. An elderly couple staying here helped me remove the glass and there wasn't any sign of an injured duck. A friend of the family also flooded most of her living area by forgetting she was filling her washing machine with a hose from the trough.

Today a woman needed to shift her campervan forward a smidge and took out her site's power supply while taking in the limb of a pine tree through a window. Lots more glass there. Wind, rain and a thunder storm didn't brighten the day, particularly as our house is being renovated and has a huge tarp (almost) protecting those bits of the house that don't need renovating instead of a roof.

On the upside, Shan (my sister) made some yummy bruschetta with fresh basil and lots of garlic, as well as a chocolate slice. And I have a heater at my feet...

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