Saturday, May 10, 2003

Ahhh, so tempting to surf people's blogs but my eyes aren't holding up tonight...

A friend wrote with lots of news (including a planned trip west) and mentioned that her brother is moving to Bahrain for work... hence my visit to: Bahrain Tourism to read all about the place.

My Singaporean friend travelling in Italy asked an Italian friend to translate the few words of Italian I pieced together in an e-mail. Her friend was puzzled as to why anyone would spend five years learning Italian at high school. The first good reason to pop into my head was 'food.' Before I was aware of the good food reason (although obviously pizza was a bit of a clue to a 13 year old looking for subject options) I was keen to learn a language and Italian is relatively easy. I do wish I could've visited Italy earlier in my life to hear, speak and read the language outside of a classroom but that doesn't take away from the experience of learning and enjoying the language and it does add to my occasional reading of the Divine Comedy. Oh yeah, and it sure beat learning to type!

Onwards to Braille! :-) Remembering that Braille is a different way to read English, rather than a new language...

Better go... our Flinders Finale is tomorrow!

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