Friday, May 09, 2003

Campbell, Shan and Matt are off crabbing. Campbell and I visited the ABC Kids web site and played Dress Up Mixy before I loaded Bananas In Pyjamas' Animal Sounds Game. Campbell was off with Shan to the boat ramp by then, so I tried Animal Sounds anyway just to see if it'd be worth playing later. Bit hard! Similar to Merriam-Websters Word Game Flip Flop, except that instead of matching hidden words with their hidden synonmyms/antonyms, you match a hidden animal and it's sound with another hidden picture/sound of the same animal. For future reference, when playing word games from M-W's archive, the type of game is denoted by a letter in the same calendar box as the date!

Campbell can say 'flower' now! He likes flowers... Most taken with our newly mown back lawn too - it was getting long and between his visit this morning (when he fell out of a washing basket in a trolley almost head first into the long, soft grass) and this afternoon it's been cut.

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