Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Celebrated Caelan's 4th birthday a little early on the weekend. I'll miss out on the chocolate cake with green icing and crunchy lollies on top but had a great time visiting! Cruised up to Kings Park on Sunday and picnicked at the new Western Power Parklands with hundreds of other people - last day of the school holidays!

Caught up with a friend for coffee (or tea, in my case) in the city and then with others for a really yummy Thai combination at the food court in James St - not often I feel I can take a forkful from anywhere on my plate of food hall dinner and it'll taste good.

Visited Karrakatta to do a little family history research and to visit. The roses are blooming and the gardens and paths make some parts of the cemetery feel welcoming.

So keen was I not to waste money on books that I only succumbed to stepping into Dymocks for a look and only found three books I might like to read and then only bought one. So much for searching Elizabeth's for second-hand books. Next visit! While browsing the children's section for Leonie Stevens' The Marawack Two I found Maureen McCarthy's When You Wake and Find Me Gone (McCarthy wrote Queen Kat, Carmel and St Jude Get A Life and Chain of Hearts).

Surprised to find Chain of Hearts in the children's section because at least three adult members of our family read it after I bought it off the shelves in River Tales in Margs. There are even Teachers' Notes for Chain of Hearts! The notes do mention that the book will appeal to women generally. Not sure why fiction that I'm finding in the children's section are so appealing. I had to read Nick Earls' Making Laws for Clouds after reading a short story featuring the characters in the first Girl's Night In.

I can't recommend other stories in that particular collection, however proceeds go to War Child, which:

"... stands on the twin beliefs: that we’re not free to ignore an innocent victim’s plea for help and that children are the seed-corn of society, its future hope."

Glad they explained what they meant by 'seed-corn.' Found that information on their Projects page, which lists heaps of past and current work, including a Diabetic Programme in Bosnia (just as a random example).

Popped into David Jones on Monday and my eye was caught by a dress on a mannequin (the front mannequin in a single file line of four mannequins wearing similar outfits) placed at the bottom of some steps leading up to women's fashion. I was walking down the steps and past the mannequins - I'm not even sure how I could have spotted the dress, given that I didn't notice a frying pan full of socks at my bedroom door last week. So I examined the outfits (including olive fish nets) and wandered into the 'street fashion' section. Laughed at the idea of the clothes being worn on the bus and in the actual street and then I found the dress.

All $851 of it. Versace.

My Internet connection isn't whizz bang enough for me to even view/hear their site in all it's splendour - and the non-Flash version, 56k-connection-or-less version is mostly pictures. I lifted the dress by the hanger to check it out - not surprisingly it was attached to the rack by a cord. More browsing and I'd found a t-shirt for under $400 and a pair of stripey jeans in the prettiest pastels - reminded me of the dresses in Singin' in the Rain. But I'm not sure what it was about the dress that drew me in - it did look like a dress you'd wear to hang out in town - nothing about it suggested that it'd make me look fab. Maybe it looked different. Very content to enjoy looking and have Versace and David Jones brighten my day.

Mum tells me that my nephew Callum's favourite sandwich is tomato and strawberry. And I thought it was unusual for a four year old to have '50 Ways to Leave Your Lover' as his favourite song. Just drop off the key Lee, and get yourself free...

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