Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Discovered a site about the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge, built in 1911 and featured in the BBC series Auf Wiedersehen, Pet. I've made a virtual crossing of the bridge courtesy the BBC, after checking it out on their webcam. Middlesbrough is also home to the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum. Middlesbrough is described as industrial, which might explain the colours in this pic, taken by J.R. Webster for a postcard and reproduced on Haydn Rees Jones' North Yorkshire and Teesside page.

Why the sudden interest in bridges? My guestbook was signed by a complete stranger called Cindy and, after clicking on a link labelled 'About Me &...' I was soon surfing a Bravenet photo gallery, checking out the Humber Bridge and a ruined monastery near Whitby on the UK's east coast. Cindy is site manager of the Inspired Webring, which I probably will not join but at least I've seen a little of Yorkshire.

After discovering my interest in amateur photography (not taking the photos, just checking them out), I read an article at the New York Times on photoblogging, called 'Prospecting for Gold Among the Photo Blogs' (May 25, 2003). Just as I was becoming really embarrassed about my blogging of bridges, I read that people visit a photoblog of some guy's meals. I took a photo of my teacup's reflection in my spoon at the Forum Coffee Lounge in Perth recently... maybe I should post that?

Updating my Web site today (almost - still a little to go yet). Received an e-mail from Zeus Publishing, an Australian electronic book and print-on-demand publisher about a reciprocal link. From there I discovered that the State Literature Centre of Western Australia has a site called Writers Writing WA and from there I discovered Readers' World, a West Australian literary magazine.

Also received a request to link to Talking Signs. Talking Signs is a Louisiana, USA, based company that produces technology that will perhaps aid people who can't read print to navigate unfamiliar places. I haven't fully checked out the site yet but I think the technology could be really handy in places that a lot of people visit and that contain a lot of signs. Very difficult to find where you need to go at a railway station, or to know what's what at the zoo, without being able to read print.

Campbell and I played games at ABC Kids yesterday. I can't believe a child yet to turn two can be so excited by computer games - although he wasn't very keen on a game that has Mixy the rabbit hiding and talking. He does like to dress Mixy up. We threw the dog his ball, patted the goat, pushed the washing trolley around and blew leaves off our upturned palms too. Boot, Erin and Campbell played on the trampoline. Erin is home for a week.

Watched the second from last episode of Cold Feet tonight. I wasn't up for it really, knowing that a favourite character would die, but I've followed the show since it first aired here.

Chat friends and I are hoping to catch up in Sydney sometime in spring and one member is considering a trip to the Birdsville Races in Queensland, near the South Australian border.

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