Monday, May 19, 2003

Mum and I went for a Sunday drive to visit my Nanna today. On the way we called into Witchcliffe for a lunch of pumpkin soup. We missed the turn to the nursing home and drove down to the beach instead (just for a bit - we weren't expected!). Lots of seaweed but the water was calm and warm - if not for the cool air and lack of bathers I think we would have gone for a swim. We then visited Nanna and the three of us walked to the gazebo by the beach.

A cow was giving birth in a paddock between Cowaramup and Margaret River today too. We saw at least five cars pulled over while people waited in the hope of seeing a newborn calf. We drove down to Gracetown and Cowaramup Bay too.

As we chatted in the car today, Mum said to me after one wacky discussion that she didn't think I would be writing about it in my blog... I also decided not to mention the wackiest moment of my day, even though I'll laugh about it with friends and family in the next few days, because it wasn't something to go on record - so it was kinda interesting to see an article about blogging and personal privacy in 'Dating a Blogger, Reading All About It' (New York Times). Blogging about dates isn't a problem I have right now, so I guess I'll stick to stories of bovine births and seaweed.

Enough to make me scream and yell internally: 'Auction of baby forces Italy to ban organ sales' (Telegraph article at The Age Online, May 19, 2003).

After chatting yesterday about the possible effects of climate change on tuart trees and then walking along the diminishing beach at Abbey today, I read about the possible effects of global warming and climate change on humans in 'Feeling the Heat' at ABC Online.

Visited Technorati tonight but I'm too tired to read more! I'm slowly learning more about the blogosphere and blogging. Keep thinking I need to re-design my pages but then figure that I like reading goldenrod text on a black background... and I'll change the other content soon enough.

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