Friday, May 09, 2003

Ouch, my right eye is strained... I definitely need one of those eye tracking devices... one that warns me when I'm about to hurt my eye.

A Singaporean friend is travelling in Italy and sending newsy messages about her adventures... I replied to a recent message using a little of my high school Italian.. although I did check that it made sense using Alta Vista's Babel Translator.

The subject of visual hallucinations was again raised on RPList and I finally discovered more information about Charles Bonnet, for whom Charles Bonnet Syndrome is named and who was a sixteenth century Swiss natural scientist and philosopher with both a hearing impairment and a degenerative eye condition.

People are complaining on the list about a few almost off topic posts after a recent 'Thought Provoker' about blind people carrying concealed weapons (say, for when their possession of a gun could save the day in a hostage situation involving foreign terrorists). Hilarious. Where's Ranger when you need him?

Ahhh... seems Ranger, Morelli and Ms Plum will be back July 7 in To The Nines - see

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