Friday, May 02, 2003

Wow, cool reading other people's blogs but I feel a bit like I'm cheating people by reading about their lives just the once and then moving on. Never knowing their name or where they're from, just that they hate school or they're losing weight or the work for the Scottish public service or whatever.

Visited my Nanna and Pop today, where Mum and I enjoyed lunch and sweets and I checked out their new home for the first time. Lots of rose bushes! Dropped in our ballot papers to the shire offices in Margaret River on our way to Busselton and did a little grocery shopping in Margs on our way home - I bought spinach leaves forgetting that I won't be home all weekend to eat them! However, I also bought a bottle of Blackmores Lutein-Vision in Busselton so maybe I'll be preserving my eye sight very soon (kinda forgot to take one tonight after tea). Remembered too late that because the school holidays finish this weekend that South West Coach Lines will be busy tomorrow. Missed out on a ticket to Perth for tomorrow morning but will hopefully catch a late afternoon/evening service that will have me in Perth by 9.20pm. All the more time to do the washing I didn't do today! Catching up with people might be tricky - Sunday afternoon seems to be convenient for everyone but I'm not sure it'd be convenient for everyone to meet, lol.

Watched a doco on Melbourne's Federation Square tonight. I visited Federation Square only a few weeks after it opened - I really wanted to get a feel for it, to use it, but couldn't kinda find a place to do it. Very glad that a friend invited me along to some short film screenings by graduates of the Victorian College of the Arts while I was visiting Melbourne and I was able to feel like I'd enjoyed myself and made use of the new buildings. I was concerned that there might be invisible steps to fall down but the place was easy to walk. The documentary included comments from a businessman who was to operate a pub in the square and who wanted perforated metal removed from the premises because they served no purpose and obstructed the view of St Kilda Rd. The camera shot showed the view through the holes in the metal of traffic on the street and I think I'd have a drink their just for the effect. Architect vs Client - Inside the Square includes video of the businessman, one of the architects and an architectural writer commenting and also the camera shot (which doesn't look as speccy, possibly because I can see more of the shot at once). The metal looks like the metal that some public seating is made from - so you might feel like you are looking through a material that an awful lot of people have sat on. But I still like the effect... I'll have to check it out for real next visit!

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