Sunday, June 29, 2003

Progressive retinal atrophy is a condition suffered by animals that causes similar effects to retinal dystrophy in humans. Recently I received a request from a dog breeder for any information that might help her make a decision about the future of one of her pups, diagnosed by a vet as having retinal dystrophy in one eye (the other eye affected by another condition). As a human with retinal dystrophy, rather than an eye specialist or a veterinarian I did not have more information. I did, however, search for information about retinal dystrophy (or progressive retinal atrophy as it was referred to by most sites dealing with heritable diseases in dogs) and discovered sites about how to care for pets with vision problems. The Iowa State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital gives Tips to help you care for your blind pet and similar information is available from AniMed - Dogs and Cats: Blindness.
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