Friday, June 06, 2003

Visited dWoz, a directory of Web developer type resources today after reading about it in ResearchBuzz. From there I visited heaps of sites on CSS in the hope I'll learn how to add columns to my pages to replace table layouts. I like table layouts. But I'm really enjoying experimenting (off line!) with an external css file and seeing how many tags I can remove from my pages to receive pretty much the old design. I like paring it right back to basic elements.

I'm hoping that by using the external file I can have my site rendered in a really basic default kinda style in browsers that don't support css. I'm beginning to get the feeling that it's the browsers that do support css and support it differently that are going to be a problem. I'll try to keep it simple.

And colours... of course I'll be using colours that probably shouldn't be seen together but I'll check them to make sure that they're not going to give colour blind people a hard time.

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