Thursday, July 03, 2003

Checking my links, I kinda found myself 'checking' a link to the Age and then browsing their My Melbourne feature where I found a cool photo taken in The Maze, a drain under Hawthorn. The photographer, Dsankt, mentioned belonging to 'the now legendary Cave Clan.' Probably kinda legendary in Melbourne... but I was intrigued and so visited Cave Clan Australia. Wow, these people check out all sorts of stuff (stormwater drains, train tunnels, bridges, towers, derelict buildings) and have contacts all over Australia, in Canada and in the US. They're careful to point out that the stormwater system in Australia is separate to our sewer system and that they don't check out sewers. They also mentioned that they don't explore stormwater drains when it looks like rain. Explored a lot of tunnels (and two former oil resevoirs) in Sydney via articles written by members of the Sydney Cave Clan. Brushed up on some of the theory behind urban exploration at Canadian zine Infiltration. Wow, there's even an Urban Exploration Web Ring. Very cool, in a nerd safari kinda way...
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