Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Home from Perth last night after buying two books, receiving a third book free, and having my glasses fall apart on Sunday evening. Caught up with a friend visiting from Melbourne, caught enough of the Fremantle v Collingwood game at the Newport in Freo to know that we weren't going to win and moved off to a food court for some Thai food. Went shopping with Gillian and, with the help of a friendly sales guy at the Stockade on Wellington St, bought a comfy pair of Blundstone boots. We first checked out a different store but received no assistance and felt we didn't quite fit the staff's idea of customers. I finally discovered what the cotton tags on elasticised boots are for but I still couldn't pull them on - thankfully I didn't strain a muscle in the shop. Campbell stayed over last night and although he didn't want to go to bed (wouldn't want to miss anything) we all enjoyed his company. Twice during the night I discovered that pressure-activated Bob the Builder's kindly voice isn't enough to stir a sleeping two-year-old.
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