Tuesday, July 22, 2003

A little tetchy tonight so I was glad to tune into Media Watch and catch the story 'Nincompoops at Sunrise' (ABC Online, July 21, 2003). I don't know why but it cracked me up. The story involved a woman from the Macquarie Dictionary being interviewed about what constitutes an insult. She spooked the presenters by matter-of-factly giving an example. It's always amused me that the word she used is defined in the Macquarie Dictionary - maybe because it's a word that doesn't seem to need defining if you know the (pardon the expression) root words. Only the Macquarie Concise Dictionary can be searched on line but their Book of Slang is able to be browsed and I've already learnt a term or two. Both the The West and Media Watch mentioned that the South West Times positioned a report of disturbed pioneer graves alongside an ad inviting car stereo owners to 'Bring Out Your Dead' (stereos and trade them in) - but only Media Watch mentioned my former Italian and religious education teacher, Sister Mary Cabrini... 'Bunbury bring out your dead.' Neither Media Watch or The West considered the possibility that the ad's inclusion may not have been a mistake.
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