Sunday, August 31, 2003

Carnarvon Bananas 

Dad and I visited Andrew in Carnarvon last weekend and checked out Carnarvon's satellite dish (used during the Gemini and Apollo space missions), tall tomato plants, a wide and empty Gascoyne River, banana plantations, and a blowhole. The ocean beyond the blowhole looked calm but the force of the water through rock convinced me that the sign greeting us at the t-junction, 'King Waves Kill' could be true on any day. We visited Erin in Geraldton on the way home and stopped to look at the everlastings and goats along the highway. The dish at Carnarvon had me talking about the movie 'The Dish', which was shown on telly tonight. Right after the Fremantle Dockers beat the West Coast Eagles by 14 points at Subi.
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