Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Deriving Pleasure 

I may not be able to drive but I'm sure a dérive would be right up my alley. I discovered psychogeography (Wikipedia) after reading a message from a friend staying in East Putney, London and wondering where exactly East Putney might be. The same friend reported that Prague is a very friendly city for people who are vision impaired and so now I've just read about Psychogeography in Prague. A dérive, from what I've read, entails wandering an urban area without needing to be anywhere in particular and without having a destination in mind. Some people use an algorithm to determine where to go next, generating 'algorithmic noise', while one San Franciscan explains how to dice walk, choosing where to go by the roll of a die. provide background information and links to writing and projects related to Generative Psychogeography, including 'Pedestrian Culture Through the Ages.' I came across a lot of this stuff via No mention of Australian dérives, despite the groups of urban explorers I've blogged about before.
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