Saturday, August 16, 2003


I'm not sure how I discover these odd hobbies involving wandering about but here's another one - letterboxing. Letterboxing involves finding waterproof containers (or letterboxes) with guestbooks and rubber stamps inside. People who plant and search for letterboxes are called letterboxers. Each letterboxer brings with them their own notebook and personalised rubber stamp, so that they can stamp their notebook with the rubber stamp found inside the letterbox and use their own stamp to mark the guestbook contained in the letterbox. Letterboxes are hidden and often clues are needed to find them. Letterboxing began at Dartmoor in England, where a club called the Letterbox 100 Club exists for people able to prove that they have visited 100 letterboxes on Dartmoor. 'Hitchhikers' are letterboxes that are planted with a stationery letterbox and may be taken to a new letterbox location. Letterboxing has crossed the Atlantic with letterboxers connecting through organisations like Letterboxing North America. Individual letterboxers, like Silent Doug also provide information about the letterboxes they've discovered or left for others to visit on the Internet.
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