Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Alexander Poise 

I'm holding my head poised as I lengthen my spine after a weekend workshop on the Alexander technique. The course was held through the University of Western Australia's Extension program. Combined with ten hours on the bus to and from Perth, two half-hour walks to the venue (which I enjoyed) and sleeping on a slightly bent out of shape sofa bed, my body feels both healthy and achey in a way that makes it hard to tell exactly what effect my newly-found poise is having.

The course presenters recommended reading The Alexander Technique: a skill for life by Pedro de Alcantara (you can avoid the Flash splash page at this site by jumping straight to the Resources for Laymen section). More information about the Alexander Technique is also available from the School for F. M. Alexander Studies in North Fitzroy (Melbourne).

Before attending the course, I'd read The Alexander Technique by Judith Leibowitz and Bill Connington. We were warned that some books on the subjects are hastily written by people not fully trained but I'm quite sure that Leibowitz and Connington's book is not one of them. Unfortunately, I couldn't run it past the presenters because the name doesn't exactly stand out from other books on the subject and I couldn't remember the authors' names. I'm looking forward to learning more and feeling a little less tense.

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