Friday, February 20, 2004

A Drig Bink 

I'm not talking straight the last few days or so... so in the heat I've thought about pouring myself a drig bink and wondered if we have any bread fresh at home... Now that the hot weather and the short power crisis is over I think my speech is back to normal but I'm still wondering about how it is that I love words and yet occasionally can't order them. Then Mum read in The Sunday Times about a right brain/left brain challenge circulating on the Internet (the newspaper quoted a comment that I've since read at Making Light: Trick, February 3, 2004).

The challenge asks you to lift your right foot off of the floor and rotate it clockwise. While still rotating your foot clockwise, raise your right hand and draw a six in the air. I couldn't do this trick with my right hand and right foot, or my left hand and my right foot or my right hand and my left foot or both my left hand and my left foot. Oh hang on, now I can... but not right with right, although not as absolutely as when I tried this initially. I'm guessing with practice I could (it seemed impossible the other day!). I think if I think more of this as an action than an action and me drawing a six, then it works.

I've so little (or rather, not enough) time on the computer lately that I'm now reading a blog in paperback - Salam Pax's Baghdad Blog, which I bought in the Margaret River newsagency. And which we can read at Where is Raed ?. Reading about power outages and Air CDs while Perth has a power crises and my best friend writes to tell me she has bought an Air CD is a little strange... I think having two state governments to blame for our short power crisis (and the added advantage of having all the harsh lights turned off in Coles - but still music to groove about to - while I shopped) makes all the difference.

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