Monday, February 23, 2004

Leaping Lizards, An Extra Day 

Learnt about Tracey from's A Day In The Life: The Leap Day project at Me, Myself and Infrastructure. The idea is that people do something different from their normal routine, something they wouldn't ordinarily do, on February 29 and record their day with a photo taken each hour. Heidi from Me, Myself and Infrastructure notes that they suggest walking instead of driving, which would mean that she (and me) would perhaps need to drive instead of walk unless she (and also I) heed the 'Safety First!' advice. They also suggest 'say hello to a friendly stranger!' which I may well do because I say hello to many a stranger in one day. Unless I'm not at work... maybe I should stay away from work and remain closed off to all strangers. Or I could get a haircut (although probably not on a Sunday unless I want something really different)... or I could give my Mum some flowers (different but not totally a bad idea). You might like to check out other projects too.
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