Saturday, March 13, 2004

Dog Poo on a Sunny Day 

Beautiful sunny day here today and I've been hitting a tennis ball to Ripper with a racket down by the river. Not always that succesfully, I have to admit, but if I swing up at the ball I'm more likely to hit it than if I try to swat at it from other angles. Rosie is recuperating well and pooing in places that I might not expect to find poo. I certainly don't like to find it with my sneakers. Treaded soles suddenly don't seem that practical.

Really enjoyed watching Harvie Krumpet on SBS Monday night. We switched over afterwards to see Parkie interviewed on Enough Rope and it was a pleasant surprise to see Harvie Krumpet's director Adam Elliot interviewed at the end of the show.

A friend is researching the use of computers and the Internet by people who are blind or vision impaired in Australia and I've interviewed four of his research participants by telephone. I'm now learning a little more about adaptive technology and how it affects people's Internet experience.

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