Saturday, April 03, 2004

Out The Window And In The Details 

Mango tea and a friand at the cafe in Witchcliffe on Friday morning went down very well after my orthodontist appointment. Just a shame that the only time we stop at the only cafe I'll order sweet stuff from is always directly after a visit to the orthodontist. Except on Friday I also found myself at Colourpatch in the afternoon having tea and cake. The weather was gorgeous and people were swimming in the inlet while we were there - hardly anyone in the cafe and sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe we have such a beautiful spot for a pot of tea almost to ourselves.

Tuned into a romantic comedy on GWN last night called Someone Like You. In at least the fourth speaking scene featuring a cute American character I did a double take - he suddenly sounded Australian, just on one or two words or phrases. Then I remembered reading about the film in the paper and realised it was Hugh Jackman. When Hugh Jackman's on screen and you don't notice until you hear his accent slip, you realise just how much you rely more on sound than sight. But at least I could still tell he was cute.

I'm enthusing about WildWatch Australia (must hurry home to watch Richard Morecroft Goes Wild, imagine that) and all the wildlife to be found in our backyard. The people living at Doonbanks probably have a little more to be surveyed. Magpies, pelicans, ducks, seagulls, pesky pink and grey cockatoos, a kangaroo and joey and I guess whatever's in the river plus a few frogs and blue-tongue lizards are about and a lot more I don't see. I think I'll wander about with my camera and see what I can spot.

Lots of sites are distracting me lately, in between preparing for Easter and disconnections, but the Fremantle Prison's Convict Database was probably the most interesting. The database allows you to browse surnames alphabetically and then click on a name to find out about a convict transported to the Swan River Colony here in Western Australia between 1850 and 1868. Also read 'It Might Help If I Didn't Wear Heels' by Rebecca Atkinson at the Guardian (March 29, 2004), which really rather made my day. I sent a copy along to the RPList but I think it was mostly lost amongst other threads with subject lines such as 'Religious Commentary.' Sometimes e-mail discussion is such a valuable tool and then you're learning way too much about kosher vitamin supplements.

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