Sunday, April 04, 2004

Tea for Two 

Suddenly blowy here today. The sky is overcast and doors are slamming.

I think I've had too many cups of Traditional Afternoon Tea. A guy came in for an unpowered tent site and noticed that I use the Opera browser. I was already distracted because for a short while I was serving two guests at once. Having enthused about Opera and how handy the mouse gestures are for people who can't see too well, I wished the guy a good evening. Then I realised I'd forgotten to a) write him a receipt or b) ask him to fill in the guest book with his vehicle registration. Surely there is a way to use nervous energy for good rather than for personal confusion?

Blogs I've caught up on today are Where is Raed? (Salam Pax's blog), Me, My Life + Infrastructure (for the second time today I've had to correct my mispelling of infrastructure from infrustructure - I guess infrustructure are buses that don't run on time and public buildings without wheelchair/pram access etc), and another blog that I'm not sure I'll link to from here. For some reason I feel that a site connected to a site about a health condition that affects people of all ages shouldn't contain rude words or link to content that isn't appropriate for kids. Maybe I'll revise that later. Suffice to say the author of the unnamed blog probably doesn't forget what she's doing when serving two people at once. Okay, so I guess it doesn't matter that I link to a working girl's blog - Belle de Jour. Actually, I first discovered Belle de Jour by reading a blog by another RPer, Alys's once upon a keyboard, so there you go.

The upside of having too much tea is that I was able to give our maidenhair fern two teabags. My Nanna says that maidenhair fern love teabags.

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