Saturday, May 29, 2004

Be With You Directly 

There's a recommendation to the Freelance Writing Organization Int'l's writing database in the latest Tudogs newsletter. Unfortunately, I've wasted most of my afternoon signing up to view the database. Difficult to find the database amongst the requests for donations.

Site summaries of relevant writing resources are included in the database, which can be searched or browsed. Chortle: the UK comedy guide, for example, is listed in the comedy section and gives links to comedy-related news items and reviews of touring comedians.

Statistics accompanying the site listings suggest that not many people visit the database. Forums on the site haven't received new posts since February. Maybe members would be more inclined to donate or volunteer if the site was easier to navigate or had more of a community feel to it. Maybe I'll feel different once my newsletters arrive. At least my Gmail account is getting some traffic.

Hi Dee,
You might want to stop by and take another look at this site. It's come a long way since your visit two years ago. The Freelance Writing Organization - Int'l at is pretty easy to navigate. At least it is now.
Take care,
John Mitchell
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