Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Salam Pax appeared on enough rope with Andrew Denton last night. If you're curious and missed the show, there is a transcriptof the Andrew Denton interview with Salam Pax available. A moderated chat forum was also held this morning. Not all questions were answered but chatters were enthusiastic and supportive.

Salam's Baghdad Blog is not currently being updated. Both River's Baghdad Burning and Healing Iraq were mentioned by Salam as other Iraqi blogs to watch. Good to see Salam is alive and well.

Reading about who's blogging in Iraq naturally lead me to wonder who's blogging in Western Australia. Australian Weblogs - Aussie Blogs lead me to Weblogger Meetup - Bloggers in Perth, Australia and later to Perth Blogs. So on a quiet May afternoon I've read Not The West (the natural result of blogging + a one-daily-newspaper-town), Twisted Hamster (where I had a few laughs), and Freaky Chick. Plus a few I didn't have time to blog.

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