Friday, June 18, 2004

Dance Before You Drop 

We're preparing for Dad's operation by going for long trips to do shopping. Mum now has an arty umbrella and I have a clock radio that doesn't go off at 3am when set for 7am. Nanna and Pop are visiting next week and we thought they might like there to be a little food in the pantry, so we also went to Margaret River on Wednesday to do grocery shopping. [Note: Mum says we are not eating at all this weekend.]

Last weekend I bought Dad The Footy Show DVD to watch while he recovers. The back cover advertises at least two of the most painful moments of Australian television that I can remember. I think the woman in Westco knew the DVD wasn't for me, even though I do watch the show.

Last weekend I shopped all Saturday afternoon, displaying more focus than I thought possible. Not once did I find myself in Dymocks, A&R or Boffins. Well, once in the entrance to Boffins, checking out their refurbishments. Instead I tried on jumpers with big necks and jeans without waists. I'm yet to learn that telling a sales assistant that I do not want really low hipster jeans does not mean I won't find myself looking at the top of my hipster briefs under the jeans she gives me to try on. The five pairs of jeans she gives me to try on.

Caelan and I ate nachos for tea and hung out Friday night while Gillian attended a pre-school parents pizza night. Much like babysitting, but more like we both just happened to be there and I just happened to be the person to decide when we'd stop playing pirates.

I bought Shane Maloney's second Murray Whelan novel The Brush-off after seeing the ads for the telemovie on TV. I chose The Brush-off because for twenty two dollars it has more pages than the first novel Stiff. So now I've read the third novel Nice Try, am halfway through the second novel and by Sunday night (8.30pm on Seven) I will have seen the small screen adaptation of the first novel before I've read it.

Gill and I went out to see Tim Rogers & The Temperance Union at the Rosemount on Saturday night. We arrived too late to see Nick Barker but enjoyed listening to Tim Rogers. Mostly a blokey crowd, with women who didn't look like they'd choose to be there if not for their partners. Well, that was Gill's observation. I did spot one woman not dancing, just accompanying. Not sure how she did it, if I can't dance just a little bit I need to sit down or I pass out.

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